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Sorrento Coast and its Surroundings

Visiting Sorrento and its sorroundings

Sorrento is a longed-for tourist destination which boasts millions of visitors every year. Its strategic location allows, all those who decide to spend a holiday in Sorrento, to visit its surroundings including as famous and enchanting tourist resorts as it, as Amalfi Coast, Gulf of Naples, Herculaneum, Pompeii, the Vesuvius

Located east to Salerno, Paestum offers its visitors its four temples and and its walls wonderfully preserved. To be visited are also the Temple of Poseidon (Neptune) and the Basilica as of the 6th century, risen on the ruins of the temple consecrated to Hera (the main goddess of Pompeii).

bright and coloured, is a city rich in history, palaces, museums and monuments which testify the splendours of its past. The National Museum has been enriched, in the course of years, with many finds coming from Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Punta Campanella The Territorial Reserve Area is marked by its  natural and homogenous landscape. Due to  the limestone nature of the peninsula, the area bestows  numerous caves, which subsequently  submerged  as a result of tectonic movements and the rise of the sea level .One of the most  spectacular  caves 'La Grotta della Cala di Mitigliano' where just below the surface you can explore the fascinating  world of dark submarine  caves.

The Baths of  Regina Giovanna  are situated at  the Capo di Sorrento and can be easily reached along a path at the end of which you can admire the breathtaking views  of an enormous Cliff surrounded by the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, Villa Pollio Felice, a tribute  that Sorrento in the olden days, thanks to its mild climate,  has always attracted holidaymakers.

Sorrento Hills
offers its visitors a natural setting immersed in the green. A walk across Sorrento hills allows to admire breathtaking panoramic views  of Sorrento Coast and to enjoy some fine air and relaxation.
Numerous are also the itineraries of local farmhouses where it is possible to taste just produced cheese and mozzarella cheese.

Sorrento Musical
A date not to be missed during a holiday in Sorrento Musical is an incredible journey through the centuries from 1558 to the present day. The performance concerns the most important issues of Sorrento history and of the Kingdom of Naples in the last 500 years: the Saracens’ landing, the Revolt of Masaniello, the War, the whole surrounded by colours and cheerfulness.

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